Why are you here?

Mia is here for the community. She cares a lot about being surrounded by great company who love strongly, and make, and create, and coexist beautifully. For some time, she has also desired living in nature, off-the-grid, and learning how to live sustainably.

What are you working on? 

Mia is balancing a full courseload with farm life and finding as many ways to blend Olin with it. Wow! One example is designing an accessibility cabin under guidance of an Olin professor.

Mia is doing everything she can to immerse herself in this experience. She is avidly helping build the octagon cabin and taking as many creek showers as she can. (Not to mention it is COLD HERE).

Journey and Feeling 

Initially, Mia was not sure if this was the place for her. It was a hard transition, but with time she has felt better because the community has grown closer.

At times it's still hard. FOMO is very real when people are outside building and laughing, and Mia's zoom call is lagging continuously. She tries to keep her head up though, and spends non class time in ways that make her happy.