Why are you here?

Katie is here because she is seeking something new. Her values don't align with that of modern-day living that is often wasteful. She discovered that engineering often doesn't equate to sustainability and the opportunity be a sustainable engineer at a farm in North Carolina was priceless.

Katie also loved the thought of living in a commune. The more people for her, the better.

What are you working on? 

Katie's energy on the farm is endless. She is building, constantly cooking and caring for people, feeding animals, playing the banjo, and learning about different forms of gardening. All while having lived in a tent for a month. wow.

She's also seeking meaningful interactions with the community, and practicing ways of reserving judgement in order to really understand them.

Journey and Feeling 

Katie has felt rewarded, loved, and appreciated for much of her time here. She hopes to support people in better ways and finding ways to elevate their current state.

Having a physical wrist injury had a big impact on her emotional state, because of being unable to contribute as much as she can. She is still finding ways to cope.

Currently, Katie is eager to find more guidance in general group work and building. They want to progress!