Why are you here?

Jasmine is here because her first sight of this farm looked like FUN. She craved new experiences in life and has had a lingering desire to live in the mountains for a long time. And who wouldn't trade quarantine for a farm filled with animals? 

What are you working on? 

Jasmine is pushing her body to the max constantly. She is building the cabins, designing a humanure biogas digestor (method for deriving energy from human poop), and constructing an art studio that will double as her living space. Insane!

Jasmine is also balancing a class load with her farm experience. Limited wifi is implied. On her free time, she loves playing and caring for the animals, keeping people warm by chopping wood, climbing trees, and spending time with the community. Talk about thriving <3.

Journey and Feeling 

Jasmine's excitement is only increasing as her time here progresses. In her words, "it's just awesome y'know!" She continuously feels loved and cared for, and loves how close she's grown to friends.

The new mindset change from maintaining constant productivity to being able to relax and be mindful is powerful for her.