Why are you here?

Anya is city born-and-raised, and has always desired for an opportunity to be in nature. When she first heard about the farm and its experimental nature, she immediately felt like they belonged there. Animals, nature, and being able to try new things? Heck yeah!

What are you working on? 

Anya is excited to be here because she is finally obtaining practical skills they can contribute to the actual world like building, budgeting, cooking for large groups of people, and learning how to live sustainably.

She has been balancing over 3 classes with cabin building, baking, and contributing to communal living. And trying to get the horses comfy with saddles and bridles! Awww! Each day is just never-ending!

Journey and Feeling 

Anya's wish of feeling connected to earth and nature has been fulfilled since coming. She has felt content, and has practiced being mindful of the rooms they enter by just enjoying the simple things like people's laughter.

Things were tough in the beginning, especially being isolated and quarantined as a flyer. With a better integration into the community, Anya has felt a greater belonging.

Their journey with experiencing something as new as this and relieving their dependence on technology has been life-changing. In their words, her learning here has equated to 4 years of engineering college.